Hello and Welcome!

I am so grateful that you are visiting Living Your Inspired Life.

There are many exciting changes going on around here, including Living Your Inspired Life returning to Radio! Our new show airs Sundays beginning September 15th from 10-11 am PDT on Newstalk 1590 KVTA in the Ventura County area. We will be dialoguing with many transformational authors, coaches and people who are working to bring awareness that we are all inter-connected to everyone and every thing. We will also be rebooting the Living Your Inspired Life Website, with a new look and even greater accessibility. The new season of Living Your Inspired Life will be available on our site so you can listen on the web, or download to listen to later.

All shows from prior seasons of Living Your Inspired Life are archived here on the website. What a cornucopia of information, meditations, world class authors and coaches we have had on the show! And let’s not forget the guests, from teenagers to adults, who have shared how they are creating a world that works for everyone. Take a listen and get ready to be inspired.

Living Your Inspired Life is about all of us connecting to our internal source of wisdom and joy. Together, we can begin to shift our perception that one degree and begin to manifest creative and amazing things in our life. The guidance you seek is within you already, just waiting to burst forth and bring new experiences of love, self compassion and joy into your life. As we live our life from connection within, we begin to not only transform our circumstances but we develop a connection to others in our life that radiates inspiration.

At Living Your Inspired Life, we are excited to begin a new collaboration of dynamic ideas that inspire each of us to become more of who we are. Our team is coming up with great ideas that we will share with you here on the new site.

Stay tuned to what is happening next!